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Khalifa University is inviting purposes for Teaching Assistant/Associate Scholarships. These scholarships can be found to assist certified non-UAE National college students enroll in graduate applications at Khalifa University.

Khalifa University gives its graduate college students a number of complete scholarships that goal to offer recipients with all essential instructional bills and the potential to earn a beautiful month-to-month wage

However, many universities in China offer courses taught in English, and you’ll also find that many Chinese people speak English. If you choose to study in China in English, you won’t need to prove your fluency in Mandarin, but you may need to submit the results of a test of English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL.

If you decide to tackle a course in the native tongue, you will need to provide adequate Chinese proficiency test results. You will usually need to reach level 3-8 (there are a total of 11), depending on your university and course.

Quick Tips for Getting a Scholarship to Study in China:

  1. Learn some Chinese: It looks good if you’ve studied a little bit of China, or proving you’ve already invested some time and energy into acquiring the language. It doesn’t have to be through formal education. Self-study will say a lot about you as a scholarship candidate. Here is a comprehensive online course to learn Chinese –
  2. Don’t learn too much Chinese: Scholarships aim to help students improve their language proficiency. If you’ve been speaking Chinese since you were a kid and don’t necessarily need a long-term trip to China to further your skills, you may be less likely to receive an award.
  3. Learn some Chinese history/culture: Scholarship councils can judge from an essay whether or not you truly care about China and your insights to the country. If you make it a point to learn all about different facets of Chinese society (even the not so good stuff), you will be more impressive. Further, your writing will come more naturally and have a more sincere voice.
  4. Be explicit about your goals: Detail is key here. Do you have a target number of characters you wish to know like the back of your hand? Do you want to focus your studies on Speaking/Listening, further justifying your need to study the language in China itself, where you can talk and interact with locals regularly? Define your goals and be excited about them. Scholarship teams will find your enthusiasm and determination contagious!

Again, being able to communicate in Chinese will give you added advantage to get a job and have a smooth stay in China.

If you’ve been harboring the dream to go to China, or to study as an international student, seize this opportunity while it last.

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